About Chiro Equity

Gregory M. Kingsbury, D.C. is founder and president of ChiroEquity in New Providence, NJ. Having graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1975, Dr. Kingsbury quickly became successful in starting and acquiring multiple chiropractic practices in New Jersey, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Word of his experience and knowledge spread locally and nationally to chiropractors seeking information on how to sell or buy a practice, how to structure a partnership buy in or buy out and how to place a fair market value on a practice.
Known throughout the profession for his expertise in buying and selling chiropractic practices his services became highly recommended by many of the top chiropractic management consultants with whom he formed alliances.

Dr. Kingsbury has written numerous articles on appraising, buying and selling chiropractic practices for major publications including, Chiropractic Economics, The Chiropractic Journal, The American Chiropractor and Today’s Chiropractic. His unique ability to guide practitioners past the financial and emotional pitfalls in buy and sell transactions and to seamlessly work with accounting, financial and legal representatives has earned him the reputation as one of the very best practice brokers in the business.

Services Provided by ChiroEquity

1. Full Brokerage

Represent the doctor of chiropractic in the sales process of their practice. This includes a valuation to determine a suggested sale price. In addition ChiroEquity will:

a. Advertise and market the practice for sale in local and national publications, on the internet and through special proprietary methods to attract only qualified buyers
b. Negotiate and arbitrate between sellers and buyers the price, terms and conditions surrounding the sale or purchase.
c. Consult and act as mediator between all parties including the seller, buyer, attorney, accountant and banker.

2. Valuation

Many chiropractors prefer to sell their practice on their own and just need assistance in determining an accurate and fair sale price. Others need to reach a purchase price number for an associate or partner to buy-in or buy-out. Buyers currently in negotiation to purchase a practice may also need a knowledgeable and independent party to help them. ChiroEquity has valued hundreds of practices utilizing its exclusive chiropractic practice valuation system. Through our system we can assign a accurate true dollar value for every statistical, financial and resource of a practice.

3. Consulting

Because selling or buying a chiropractic practice can be a very emotional experience involving thousands of dollars at stake, lifestyle modification and most importantly family and personal considerations, an objective and independent voice of reason can help smooth out the process. Dr. Kingsbury has played the game from both sides of the field as a seller and buyer. This experience enables him to know what is best for both parties to get what they want and come out winners. Many chiropractors have used his expertise as a buy/sell consultant to their advantage.

Additional Services

Advice and Counsel For:

1. Associate Agreements
2. Partnership buy -in/buy-out
3. Practice acquisition financing