Practices for Sale

For Sale, Sunset Hills, MO

100% referral practice with long established location, loyal patient base and steady new patient flow. After 37 years doctor is ready to retire and sell this practice to an energetic, enthusiastic and motivated new D.C. who can easily double the practice volume and income as the seller only works 30 hrs./wk.
Techniques include diversified, Gonstead, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Activator/Impulse. Steady collections exceeding $ 185K/yr. Well appointed 1,200 sq. ft. office located in a multi tenant building with ample parking available.
Please contact or 908-419-7510.

For Sale, CO, Close to Longmont and Denver

Consistent and stable diversified practice with low overhead ready for an energetic and motivated new doctor to fulfill its growth potential. Techniques include Diversified, Activator, CST, SOT, EMS, IST, and Taping. Perfectly appointed 1,300 sq.ft. office located in a multi-tenant professional building part of a super market mall complex. Steady amount of office visits with high new patient flow. Newer equipment in great condition. Doctor ready to retire after 33 year long career. Priced to sell!! Please contact or 908-419-7510.

For Sale, Kennebec County Maine

Well established 30 year practice in picturesque and rapidly growing small town. Owner is ready to retire, mentor and transition to a motivated, energetic and clinically competent buyer. Techniques include Diversified, Activator, Pelvic Drop Blocking, Interferential and Cold Laser. Office is a free standing modified 1,800 sq. ft. Cape Cod located on a major thoroughfare. New owner has option to lease with option to buy. Please contact or 908-419-7510.

For Sale, Long Island, NY

5 star established referral practice with solid base of long term patients and steady new patient flow. Well appointed location on major thoroughfare in suburban area close to NYC. Doctor retiring but will mentor and transition the practice to an energetic and motivated buyer. Priced to sell at $180K. Please contact or 908-419-7510.

For Sale, N. Las Vegas

Super vibrant waiting list practice located in growth area with housing and employment boom. Collections exceeding $ 500K/yr and 50+ new patients/mo. 1,400 sq. ft. office in high visibility location. Techniques include Diversified, Thompson, Activator and Graston. Smooth transition to new owner guaranteed with mentorship and training to assure continued success. Please contact or 908-419-7510.

For Sale, San Diego, CA

# 1 Google searched practice in San Diego is seeking a D.C to assume ownership of this steady, established and high patient referral practice. Great new patient flow along with many educated and loyal acute, corrective and maintenance care patients. Perfect practice for an associate wanting to “hit the ground” with their own business or an established D.C. desiring a satellite location. Techniques include Diversified, Activator, SOT, PT, Intersegmental Traction and 2 LMT’s also on staff. Located in a 1,069q. ft. visible store front. Gross yearly revenues exceed $ 330,000.00, appraised value is $ 216,000.00. Doc must sell due to family obligations. For further details, please contact or 908-419-7510.

For Sale, St. Petersburg, FL

40+ years serving the community of St. Petersburg. Doc ready to retire and transition super successful practice with emphasis on Applied Kinesiology. 100% referrals with high patient retention. Free standing 1,300 sq. ft. office building located at major intersection. Yearly collections exceeding $ 270K. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, North Haledon, NJ

40+ years in practice serving the wonderful town of North Haledon. Friendly great people, quaint and beautiful, only 19 miles from NYC. Doc is ready for a well deserved retirement and wants to transition this steady, diversified practice over to an energetic, enthusiastic and motivated buyer. Fully equipped 1,000 sq. ft visible ground floor location in multi tenant bldg. Extraordinary opportunity. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, East Norriton, PA

Long term established and successful practice is seeking a highly energetic, motivated and technically competent buyer. Selling doc is ready to retire and address health issues, but will mentor new doctor in all parts of successful clinical and business management. Techniques used include Arthrostim, Gonstead, CBP, Extremity work and Diversified.
Location of East Norriton is a great family community with that small town feel and has been rated by Business Week in the “top five best affordable suburbs.”
Office has a prime location in a free standing building and is fully equipped. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

Sale/Associateship with option to buy: Tallahassee, FL

Landmark practice established 44 years, the first in Tallahassee is ready for a new, energetic and motivated associate/buyer. Selling doc is retiring but will mentor in all phases of successful practice management. Techniques include Pettibon, Gonstead, Thompson, Drop, Diversified and Activator. Adjunctive therapies: EMS, US, Cervical Traction, Spinalator and Acupuncture Meridian therapy. Free standing 2,600 sq. ft bldg.. located in Midtown 1 block from regional hospital. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, Santa Fe, NM

This superb practice is located in Santa Fe, NM, one of the greatest art and cultural centers in he USA. Perfect practice for an associate D.C. wanting to branch out on their own or a recent graduate not wanting to start from scratch. Affordable with steady flow of existing and new patients along with reliable income. Techniques include Thompson, Activator, Diversified and AK. Streamlined 900sq. ft + office space located close to hospital and other health care practitioners. Motivated seller has this practice priced to sell with a guaranteed smooth transition. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, San Marcos, CA

Dynamic, steady and successful 35 year practice seeks an energetic and motivated buyer. Doctor retiring from long fulfilling career. Office is fully equipped and includes top quality tables, spinal decompression and PT equipment. Techniques used are Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, seated and prone cervical adjusting. Consistent gross yearly collections exceeding $ 325,00000. Seller guarantees smooth transition and mentoring for buyer’s continued success. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, Tustin, CA

Flourishing and stable 40+ year practice is ready to be transferred by retiring doc to a highly ambitious and energetic buyer. Focus of this high patient retention practice has been comprehensive wellness care including chiropractic, acupuncture (acupuncturist on staff) nutrition and exercise protocols. Excellent location 15 minutes from Disneyland and Newport beach with easy access to and from freeway. Recent income has exceeded $ 300K/year. Techniques included Gonstead, SOT, Lee Activator, Cold Laser, AK and lifestyle counseling. Priced for quick sale. Very flexible and motivated seller willing to mentor new owner. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, Guilderland, NY

Retiring Doc selling his solid 33 year practice. Extremely high patient retention and steady new patient inquiries. Techniques include Thompson, Diversified, Cox, Gonstead, Arthrostim, Kinesio Tape and Extremity work. Great patient referral network including patients, local MDs, PTs and Massage Therapists. Fully equipped 2100 sq. ft. office set for 2 docs with maximum visibility on major thoroughfare in the developing west end of the Capital District. Award winning schools in a diversified but wonderfully safe community. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

For Sale, Downingtown, PA

Retiring Doctor of 33+ years ready to transition stellar practice. High patient retention office located in Downingtown/Chester County between Philadelphia and Lancaster. Techniques include Diversified, Gonstead, SOT, Toggle Recoil and Extremity adjusting. Profitable, very low rent, fully equipped 1,100 sq. ft office with plenty of parking. High visibility corner and main street location. Steady collections over $200k. 3.5 day work week. No advertising. Motivated seller. Priced to sell at $140K. Retiring Doctor is ready for a smooth transition for guaranteed success.
Further details can be obtained by contacting, 908-419-7510

For Sale, South Carolina

Located in one of the most dynamic small towns in the south, This Darlington County practice has collections exceeding $ 470K per year. High PVA with many long term established patients. New patients generated from internal patients, M.D’s and attorney referrals. High visibility 3,400 sq ft. office on main thoroughfare, state of the art equipment and loyal competent staff.
Further details can be obtained by contacting, 908-419-7510

For Sale: Premier 20 year practice Sacramento, CA.

Holistic/integrative practice and facility includes full service chiropractic, state of the art gym and massage department. Emphasis on supporting patient overall health through positive lifestyle choices and natural healing protocols. This turn key cash practice is subluxation based with a robust personal injury clientele, and a built in established network of referral PI attorneys. Sale includes a highly trained staff, excellent equipment including digital x-ray, Insight Station, 3 hydrotherapy tables, electrical muscle stimulation with 4 treatment rooms . Techniques include Diversified and Activator. Doctor willing to stay for full coaching and transition. Superior yearly patient statistics include 650 visits/mo., 23 new patients/mo and a very high retention rate. Yelp rated # 1 chiropratic practice and chiropractor in the area. For further details please contact or 908-419-7510.

Practice for Sale - Florence, SC

Super successful established practice occupying a 3,800 sq. ft. free standing building with easy access and great visibility. This multidisciplinary referral practice collects over $ 500,000.00 per year with a steady stream of high retention new and existing patients. Clinical focus is on educating patients on the value of pain relief, corrective and maintenance care. Techniques include Diversified, Thompson and Activator. Doctor willing to sell practice and building together or lease office with option to buy. Priced for quick sale and smooth transition guaranteed. Please contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or email for further details.

Practice for Sale - Reno, NV

Why start “from scratch” when you can have a steady patient flow and collect for your services from day one at your new practice?

Patients are accustomed to paying at time of service (no patient billing!) and to paying for services rendered (no dual fee schedule!).

75% cash (not a high volume/low charges office) with rest insurance, primarily Medicare (billed electronically at end of each day, fast turn-around time).
No reimbursement reduction due to HMO/PPO memberships!

Practice focuses on “the basics”: adjusting spine and extremities (100% Impluse IQ), soft tissue work (manual and machine assisted), stretching and exercise instruction.

Doc will stay on to assist with smooth transition of patients to new owner. Very thorough patient notes will make it easy to duplicate current treatment protocols.

Currently seeing patients three days a week but they will be very happy with a four or five day schedule.

Centrally located (across from convention center) with plenty parking and great lease.

Attractively priced – it would be hard to start up a new practice for the price of this one with a 30 year track record. Please contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or email for further details.

Practice For Sale - Southington, CT

Highly successful diversified practice seeks buyer to assume ownership. MD and patient referrals keep this low overhead practice thriving. Techniques include Diversified, Acupuncture, Webster and Graston. Newly married owner seeks to relocate but will stay for mentorship and smooth transition. Priced to sell at $ 97,000.00. Great opportunity for an associate doctor, recent graduate, or an established DC seeking a satellite practice. All equipment in perfect condition and office is well appointed, easily accessible with highly visible location. Please contact
Contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or for further details.

Practice For Sale - Chandler, AZ

Retirement Calls. Superb established referral practice, 35 years in same city. Great mix of techniques including Activator, Diversified, Acupuncture and A.K. Well appointed and highly visible location with plenty of easy parking. Fully equipped and furnished. High patient retention, office visits and new patient flow increase the profitability of this practice. Collections exceeding $ 290,000.00/yr. Please contact
Contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or for further details and sale price.

Practice for Sale - Reno, NV

30+ years of compassionate care has been the focus of this wellness practice. Solid referral base of cash paying patients make this practice breathe unlimited potential for a motivated buyer. Primary techniques include Impulse IQ Instrument, Motorized Flexion/Distraction, Soft Tissue Work and Extremity adjusting. Easily accessed location with reasonable rent near the convention center. Retirement calls but doc will stay for mentorship and smooth transition. Contact ChiroEquity 908-419-7510 or email for further details.

Practice for Sale-Gibsonia, PA

Well Established Multidisciplinary referral practice with high patient retention and new patient flow. Main techniques include Diversified, CBP along with Drop, and Instrument Impulse. Ancillary procedures include physical therapy with a large open therapy room, extremity manipulation, kinesiology taping and class 4 cold laser. Located in a well appropriated, high visibility setting off major highway. This suburban Pittsburgh community is affluent with an abundance of retail shops, restaurants and sought after school districts. Collections exceed $ 420K/yr and has been professionally appraised at $ 295K. Extremely motivated seller is willing to accept the best offer.
For more details contact ChiroEquity, 908-419-7510 or

Practice for Sale-Corsicana TX

25yr well-established, sterling practice with doctor’s enviable reputation as the most dedicated, compassionate, competent and up beat D.C. in the area. Retiring and seeking to mentor and transfer the clinic to a motivated, enthusiastic buyer with strong “customer service minded” chiropractic healing philosophy. Beautiful, modern, well-appointed and well equipped 2,200 sq. free standing office building on high traffic thoroughfare. Collections exceeding $ 215,000.00/yr and 26 new patients per month with little advertising and much time off. Many more details available. Please contact or 908-419-7510

Southington, CT

Doctor retiring after 32 years and desirous of selling super successful practice collecting over
$600K/yr. Solid base of long term patients and steady referrals.
Techniques include Diversified, Flexion Distraction, Activator and SOT. Several LMT’s also on staff. 1,500 sq. ft fully equipped office with great visibility on corner location.
Willing to mentor and provide a smooth transition.
Please contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.

Northeast Texas

Stable and Solid practice 16 years (doctor has been in practice 21 years,) in quiet Northeast, TX community known for world class fishing, camping and boating. Techniques include Diversified, Thompson and Activator. Steady pattern of patient visits and new patient referrals. Current collections of $ 225,000.00/yr on a 3 day work week, collections have exceeded $ 370,000.00/yr on a 5 day schedule. Priced to sell at $ 140,000.00. Contact ChiroEquity at or 908-419-7510 for further details.

St. Petersburg, FL

Exceptional 30+ year practice in beautiful, sunny and vibrant St. Petersburg. Techniques include traditional chiropractic and gentle non-force methods. Steady flow of new patients, fully equipped in a 1,200 sq. ft office located in a well appointed multi professional office park. Collections exceeding $ 170K/yr and priced to sell quickly. Contact or 908-419-7510.

Southcoast, MA

Premier, diversified practice located in vibrant and culturally rich New Bedford, MA. Doctor has been established in the community for 30+ years, with collections exceeding $ 300K/yr. Fully equipped, high visibility free standing building on main street houses the 1,200 sq. ft. office. Smooth transition assured. Contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or for details.

Los Angeles

Well respected doctor selling his Premier 32 year practice, in heart of West Los Angeles with yearly collections exceeding $ 460,00.00. Very high patient retention and new patient volume. Well appointed, fully equipped 1,400 sq. office space. Smooth transition guaranteed. Contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or for further details.

Punta Gorda, FL
High quality, successful practice in Punta Gorda seeks associate with interest in eventual ownership. Salary plus percentage offered. Contact or call 908-419-7510 for further details.

South Yarmouth, MA
Long established (25 year) practice located on beautiful Cape Cod. Great referral base of long term patients along with excellent new patient flow. Low overhead, fully equipped. Doctor retiring and is motivated to sell. Will accept most reasonable offer. Please contact or 908-419-7510 for more details.

Watertown, MA
High quality long established practice with focus on ART, motion palpation and diversified spinal corrections. Beautifully appointed 1,200 sq. foot office in high visibility and desirable suburb of Boston. Collections over $ 200K per year with no money spent on advertising. Offered for $ 124K. Owner ready to retire but will stay for smooth transition. Perfect practice for associate ready to branch out on their own or new graduate with the right skill set. Contact or 908-419-7510 for further details.


Very busy practice of 34 years in Needham is looking for a motivated D.C. with the right skill set. We are a two doctor office and practice Motion Palpation and Myofascial Release (A.R.T). We enjoy weekly medical referrals from multiple primary care and pain management physicians. Applicant must be well skilled in soft tissue techniques, along with manipulation of the spine and extremities. This is offered to an interested D.C. who wants to advance to the next level and become a part owner, enjoying an income between $150,000 to $200,000 annually. If you have the ambition and skill set to join our practice, please contact Dr. Greg at 908-419-7510 or

Massachusetts Practice for Sale:

Premier high retention cash practice with collections exceeding $ 400K per year. Owned by husband and wife who want to relocate. Beautiful high visibility location, fully equipped and great office layout. Smooth transition assured. For more details please contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or

Location Location: Philadelphia, PA

High quality 20 year established practice for sale in vibrant and upscale area of Philadelphia. Premature passing of owner has forced sale and this is a great opportunity for a motivated D.C. to purchase a fully equipped, beautifully designed office with faithful existing patients and steady new patient flow. Excellent, high visibility location near both bus and train stations. Priced to sell with possibility of seller financing for right individual. Contact Dr. Greg at ChiroEquity 908-419-7510 or for further details.

Location Pasadena, MD

6 yr. old Diversified practice with low overhead, high patient retention and steady new patient flow. Prime high visibility location in 1,200 Sq. Ft. free standing building.Steady collections in the $ 200K range. Doctor ready to sell. Contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or

Location Tucson, AZ

Superb quality 23 yr practice with collections exceeding $ 640K/yr. High Visibility location. Techniques include Pettibon, CRP, Activator and Brain Based Therapy (Carrick.). Smooth transition. For further details Contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or

Location Heart of Hudson County, NJ

Associate/Partnership Buy Out in Heart of Hudson County.

Highest quality Multi-Disciplinary practice with collections averaging 75 K per month is seeking an Associate/Partner who wants a practice buy out option. This Diversified 7 year old referral practice averages 35 new patients/mo. Fully equipped with advanced chiropractic and PT equipment. Beautifully furnished and well appointed
For more detailed information call 201-424-0479

Location Nashua, NH:

Premier 18 year full spine, diversfied, Thompson and activator practice averaging over 900 visits per month and 25 new patients per month. Free standing building on main thoroughfare with collections exceeding $ 690K over last 3 years. Doctor retiring and priced to sell with guaranteed smooth transition.
Contact ChiroEquity 908-419-7510 or

Location Danville, IL

High profile family wellness practice with perfect location and visibility in center of town. Diversified techniques including nutrition, exercise and traction produces 400 visits per week and 30 new patients per month.

Priced to sell!! Doctor will stay for a smooth transition.
Contact Dr. Greg Kingsbury of ChiroEquity for further details at 908-419-7510.

Location: Frisco, CO

High quality established practice in Beautiful Frisco, CO. Current patient base consists of maintenance care with a steady flow of new patients. Well appointed and fully equipped office in professional office building. Priced to sell with smooth transition guaranteed. For more details please contact ChiroEquity at 908-419-7510 or